The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki II Kai The Erebonian Civil War

Civil war broke out! Chapter 2 where fate moves.
The popular RPG locus series, which has sold over 5.5 million units, is now available on Nintendo Switch ™!

Taking advantage of the assassination of the Iron-Blooded Minister, the Aristocratic Union, which seized control of the Imperial City, invaded important points including the Officer Academy. Finally, a civil war broke out with the regular army. On the other hand, Lin, who lost to “Blue Knight” and left the battlefield, wakes up in the mountainous area.

The second work in the “Sen no Kiseki” series, which depicts the turbulent days surrounding the Erebonian Empire swaying in the civil war, regaining the members of “Group VII” in which Lin was scattered.

You can experience comfortable gameplay even with Nintendo Switch ™ by installing a “high-speed skip mode” that allows you to switch between double speeds of battles, events, and field modes.
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