Tantei Bokumetsu Japan

All the characters are “detectives”!
detective simulation adventure where 14 detectives confront a serial killer !

The characters are all members of an organization of top-notch detectives called the “Detective Alliance”.
Many detectives with different personalities will appear, such as the main character “Incompetent Detective”, “Armed Detective” dressed in armor, “Literature Detective” who likes reading with excellent memory, and “Makai Detective”, an occult expert. ..

During the game, an investigation part by detectives occurs.
However, the player’s alter ego “Incompetent Detective” has no special skill.
Therefore, the key to the game is to give accurate instructions to trusted detectives and have them proceed with the investigation instead.

A serial killer, “Yatsuri Ko”, who killed more than 100 people and confused the whole country. In order to stop the assault, the “Detective Alliance”, an organization consisting only of excellent detectives, decided to conduct a joint investigation by selected members.

The ordinary young man “Kazuto Hojo”, who was led by the mysterious man “Roshi Detective” and for some reason participated in the investigation, learns a serious fact while acting with the detectives he admires.

Among our 14 detectives-the fact that “Yatsuri-ko” is lurking.

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