Susanoh Nihon Shinwa RPG

A new story of Kojin Susanoo opens in ancient Japan
Amaterasu’s younger brother, Susanoo, was banished from Takamagahara due to his unmanned behavior.

However, in Ashihara no Nakatsukuni, the exile destination, he was showing a glimpse as a hero god, such as exterminating Yamata no Orochi and helping the girl “Kusinada” who was a sacrifice.

Susanoo, married to Kushinada, ruled Izumo Province and prospered greatly, then finished his role and fell asleep for a long time.

And 100 years have passed, and the messenger who wakes up Susanoo from a long sleep comes from Takamagahara …

Susanoo advances while illuminating the darkness!
Various dungeons are prepared in Ashihara no Nakatsukuni, which is the stage of the story.
In the dungeon I visited for the first time, I couldn’t confirm what was around Susanoo, and it was just a little dark.
Move Susanoo to illuminate the darkness of the dungeon as you progress through the map.
But be careful, monsters and gimmicks are blocking the way in the dungeon.

Customize freely and destroy monsters!
The battle is a command battle familiar with RPG. Take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses and take advantage of the battle.

In addition, Susanoos can gain divine power by leveling up.
Divine power is what you need to learn new abilities. Customize to your liking and aim for the strongest god.

In addition, there are plenty of training elements such as training weapons by training.

Hachikuma Soft’s original RPG is born here!
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