Shin Sangoku Musou 8 Empires Japanese

Engrave on the battlefield! That way of life.
Introducing a new work in the “Empires” series where you can enjoy both the exhilarating action of Ikki Tousen and the simulation elements of “Kokutori”!

Key points of “Shin Sangoku Musou 8 Empires”
■ Command the troops with an inexhaustible arrangement! Incandescent “Siege Battle” The
conventional “battle” has evolved into a “siege battle” in which the area around the castle is used as a battlefield to compete for the castle. You can enjoy a new style of battle that pursues “how to attack the castle” by making full use of strategy and force according to the ever-changing battle situation.

■ “Political strategy system” where the individuality and trust of military commanders strengthen the country There is also a “political strategy” where
the choice of itself and the interaction with the military commanders determine the rise and fall of the power. Players can experience a variety of ways of life, such as monarchs, shoguns, and infields. Furthermore, in this work, interaction with various military commanders will lead to a stronger nation-building.

■ Live dramatically!
Equipped with the familiar “edit function” of the evolved “edit function” series. You can combine your favorite parts to create an original edit warlord who will be the player’s alter ego. Through a number of events with 94 Musou warriors and about 700 general-purpose warriors who appeared in “Shin Sangoku Musou 8”, you can create your own “Sangokushi experience” more dramatically.
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