Sengoku Musou 5

New Samurai Warriors, start–.
Tactical action “Samurai Warriors” series New work “Samurai Warriors 5” for the first time in 7 years, see here!

This work redraws the era of the first series “Samurai Warriors” released in 2004.
The visuals that have greatly evolved from the original “Sengoku Musou”, the increase in the number of Musou warriors that appear, and the further evolved actions express the Sengoku drama more deeply.
Furthermore, in order to draw more densely and boldly the Warring States period from the Onin War to the Honnoji Incident, focusing on the lives of Nobunaga Oda and Mitsuhide Akechi, the two warriors, the previous “Samurai Warriors” This is the beginning of a new series with a completely new story and character. Key

points of “Samurai Warriors 5”
■ Warriors with redesigned warriors and new warriors, a total of 27 warriors participated in the war
Nobunaga Oda, who was called “Utsuke”, and “Kaido Ichino Yutori” Introducing military commanders who have redesigned according to the time setting of this work, such as the great lord Yoshimoto Imagawa.
In addition, new warlords such as Toshimitsu Saito, a vassal of Akechi Mitsuhide, and Mitsuki Koga Ninja will also participate. A total of 27 Musou warlords will spin a Sengoku drama.

■ Musou action is also exhilarating and brilliantly evolved Even in
this work, the “exhilarating action that blows away enemy soldiers”, which is the real thrill of the “Musou” series, is alive and well.
In addition, new actions added from this work and new expressions that are conscious of Japanese make the warriors action more gorgeous.
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