Sengoku Koihime Otome Kenran Sengoku Emaki

If you wake up, there is a Sengoku period.
And a girl–
The main character, Kensuke Nitta, spent his days training under his uncle, Ichito Kitago.

One day, the moment he picked up the sword he found in the warehouse, Kensuke lost consciousness.
When I noticed, I clasped a shining sword and was in a landscape I had never seen.

A girl I met there.
The girl who calls herself “Saburo Oda Nobunaga Kuon” reaches out to the stunned Kensuke.

“Be my husband.
And let’s walk the road to the world together! 』

\ While feeling confused by the world of Sengoku, which is different from the world in which he was,
boys and girls fight together and accumulate victory.

However, fate attacks such two people mercilessly.

After overcoming various hardships, a
big wall that could not be resisted stood in front of the two people who approached each other.

The strange person who eats the “demon” and spills his blood invades the whole of Japan.
boys and girls stood up, hurt, and flew to the leading daimyo in various places in order to save Japan, which had become hell as the weak people fell to the blades of demons one after another .

“Gather under me!
Samurai who are not afraid of demons!
To save this Japan! 』\


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