Logistics Simulator






Logistics company management simulator equipped with heavy machinery and realistic physics!
* This work does not support Japanese.

Logistics Simulator is a realistic logistics company management simulator that combines the Tycoon genre with a realistic large transport simulator.

Your grandfather left you with a large logistics company with warehouses and heavy equipment as heritage. You need to learn how to manage large companies, take the most difficult orders and deliver them on time. Turn a discreet warehouse into a world-class major logistics center by managing your company, gradually increasing storage space and expanding freight routes. The Transport Empire is something you should strive for!

Operate large multi-ton cranes or reach stackers to load and unload trucks, ships and trains. We are waiting for various orders for loading heavy cargo. However, be very careful. Cargo is extremely fragile and can be dangerous.

Game features:
-Combination of genres — Tycoon and realistic heavy transport simulator in one game!
-Many orders of varying complexity
-Various types of heavy transport
-Soundtrack immerses you in the harbor atmosphere
-Realistic control of heavy transport

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