KAMEN RIDER memory of heroez Premium Sound Edition

Spin justice with the memorable “that song”

[Premium Sound Edition]
This is a “Premium Sound Edition” that contains all 60 songs such as opening songs, BGM, and insert songs.
Implemented a preset list of in-game BGM composed of the main songs of the work! You can enjoy the finest Kamen Rider experience, where every scene in the game is colored by the music of the main part of the work.
In addition, a “digital art collection” containing the key visuals and image art of this work is also included.

The mask of justice is spun-Reiwa

‘s first home-use mask rider game is “Hero Chain Action”.
Enjoy a new Kamen Rider experience with advanced action and deepened crossovers.

■ Point 1: Chain action
Form change that can be said to be synonymous with Kamen Rider.
In this work, the “form chain system” realizes new actions that make full use of form changes.
By selecting the form to transform next and the technique to be delivered after the form change at the same time, it became possible to take action according to the battle situation, more like a Kamen Rider.
You can enjoy the evolved Kamen Rider action that fights against enemies with your own original combo while changing the form one after another.

■ Point 2: Gadget Action
Kamen Rider W, the gadget that appeared in Ooo also appeared.
You can experience new gadget actions that have never been seen in previous Kamen Rider games, such as exploration using denden sensors and frog pods, fighting with candroids, and shooting with hard tubules.

■ Point 3: Original story
Kamen Rider W, Ooo, and Zero One will co-star beyond the boundaries of the work.
The justice of each Kamen Rider sometimes repels, sometimes resonates, and approaches the core of the story.
You can relive the original story where W, Ooo, and Zero One cross over densely.

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