Beyblade Burst Battle Zero

Enjoy super powerful bay battle anytime, anywhere, from home TV or outside! Super Z (Kozetsu) Evolution Point 1 You can shoot like a real bay using Joy-Con! Joy-Con (L) is a launcher. Hold firmly and fix, and decide the position and angle to shoot! Joy-Con (R) is a winder. Pull to the front, 3, 2, 1, Go shoot!

When the bays clash, shake Joy-Con and send power to the bays! Send your power and beat your opponent’s bay! Super Z (Kozetsu) Evolution Point 2 More than 40 characters have appeared! Enjoy your dream match! Aiga and Barth, of course, a large number of characters appeared! A game of dreams that did not come true with anime can be enjoyed in the game! Super Z (Kozetsu) Evolution Point 3 The total number of appearance bays is over 50! That latest bay is also included in the game! Of course you can also train the bay!


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