Bakutsuri Hunters Japan

“Bakutsuri Hunters” is a set of gadgets and download games exclusively for Nintendo Switch, and is a 3D action fishing game where you can enjoy realistic fishing at home.

Download the game “Bakutsuri Hunters” and set ” Bakutsuri Gigarod ” (5280 yen, 10% tax / 4800 yen, tax excluded), which has the role of a reel, on the controller “Joy-ConTM” of Nintendo Switch and play.

This allows you to enjoy a real fishing experience such as [shaking, turning, and trembling].

In the game, the toy ” Bomb Fishing Gigalua ” (495 yen, 10% tax / 450 yen, tax excluded) is used to catch the prey called ” Gigafish “.

A special code is attached to the “Bomb Fishing Giga Rod” designed to imitate a real lure, and when you read it with the “Bomb Fishing Gigarod”, that lure will appear in the game.

One of the attractions is the immersive feeling that you can experience by linking real-world toys with the games on the TV screen. Bomb Fishing Gigarod and Bomb Fishing Gigalua will be released on Saturday, December 7, 2019.
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