Ar Nosurge Umareizuru Hoshi e Inoru Uta DX

“Arnosage” is back with a high-quality remaster!
What is “Ar Nosurge-a poem to pray for the born star”?
This is an RPG work with the theme of “a story of love and bonds that caused the survival of strong and ephemeral life.” In a world where poetry becomes the power of magic and the power of thought becomes a bond, “Aeon” and the characters explore the truth of the mysterious life form “Shar” that uses a mysterious power called “poetry magic”. I will.

Introducing the game
Players will become the hero’s youth “Delta” or the mechanical weapon “Arches” and experience the story from different perspectives, revealing various truths about the world. The story progresses as we deepen our ties with the heroines while conducting missions, explorations, and formulating in various parts of “Soleil” and in the spiritual world “Geometrics”.

Story introduction The
planet “La Chera”, which actually exists seven dimensions ahead, was about to die due to the life of the sun. On the other hand, the Empress of “Lachera” uses the power of poetry magic to try to move the people to other planets with the spaceship “Soleil”, but she is in trouble and wanders around the universe.
Many years have passed … Around the time when people started to build and live in “Soleil”, the mysterious creature “Shar” began to attack people. People’s will is divided into two against the threat of “Shar”, and people with lost skills and knowledge such as the religious organization “Genomirai cult” aiming for coexistence with “Shar”, the main characters “Delta” and “Castle” It was divided into two parts, the city-state “Ferion”, which fights against “Shar”.
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