AKIBA’S TRIP Hellbound & Debriefed Japan

◆ What is “AKIBA’S TRIP”? ??
・ A box garden type where various NPCs such as
maids, cosplayers, camera kid,
otaku style passersby, etc. are placed in a field that faithfully reproduces the city of “Akihabara”, which is said to be the center of Japanese otaku culture View of the world.
・ The way to get rid of the vampire “Kageyashi” is to undress. An
unprecedented battle action, undressing (strip) battle , in which the enemy’s skin is exposed to the sunlight and turned into ashes .
・ You can freely wear the clothes you got by undressing.
Not only various uniforms and cool costumes, but also transvestites and cosplays are at your disposal.
Dress in your favorite clothes and run through the city of Akihabara.
-ending that changes tragically or comically depending on the player’s selection result .

◆ 10th year remastered “AKIBA’S TRIP First Memory”
・ Completely remastered the full voice “AKIBA’S TRIP PLUS”.
・ The city of Akihabara is back with next-generation consoles!
To subdue lizard palms, purchase items, or support maid cafes !? You, the
main character, run around the city of Akihabara in 2011.
・ The unique trophy system “collecting can badges” is hot.
The title item “Can Badge” is available under certain conditions of gameplay.
You can enjoy a different element of replay than a trophy.

◆ Story
A vampire called “Kageyashi”, which was whispered as an urban legend
, actually existed in modern Akihabara and was eroding the city.

The main character is Akihabara at night, and although he is suddenly attacked by a lizard and dying,
a girl with a lizard saves his life.
Starting with this incident, the main character is involved in the conflict between Kageyashi and humans,
and will throw himself into a battle for his life.

■ Product information
・ Title AKIBA’S TRIP First memory
・ Genre Undressing action adventure
・ CERO C (for ages 15 and over)
・ Scenario cooperation: Asaura
・ Main visual: tanu
・ Development / production: Acquire

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