Aikis 2 – アイキス2

No one can stop this burning love! !!
An art school a little far from the city center. Arimori Gakuen.
On the day of the entrance ceremony, I
reunited with my childhood friends “Ayame Saegusa” and “Hinata Saegusa”.
I got acquainted with “Junko Kanno”, a senior in 2 years, and “Anzu Sakurada”, a senior in 1 year, and
lived in the same work room.

At another school, “Towako Tosu”, who is in the same grade as Kyou, will join the work room and work
together for the school festival.

As time passed,
“Katsuragi Nanase” entered the school in the same way as Junko graduated, and said, “I

‘m popular with quirky gal juniors! 』

The situation has changed, and seniors and
childhood friends who have spent casually until now cannot hide their upset.
In the summer, the exposure increases, and
there is no reason why nothing happens when you wear a swimsuit .
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